Sunday, November 13, 2011

Starting your day with Twitter?

More than a year back, I decided to purchase the Ipad and also simultaneously stopped subscribing to any newspaper. Also because I didn't see a point waking up and reading the Toilet paper of India. 

So, since then I usually wake up and browse favorite websites, news apps and Twitter. Slowly, it has become only Twitter. I get all the news - the very latest, well written editorial are always RTed. Plus there the funny men with their funny lines. So, there has been no need to go anywhere else actually. 

But recently, twitter has not been good to start of with and I am thinking of going back to the newspaper days. Reason - Waking up to those RIP messages.. It is such a useless/sad way to start of your day. And usually on most occasions, these day only gets worse. 

Take for instance today's death of Peter Roebuck - I didn't need that information at 9AM.. It could have easily waited till say post noon and it wouldn't have changed anything. For two weeks I woke up to some tribute or the other of Steve Jobs .. Great man, but should not affect your 14 consecutive mornings! The last few months have been just terrible.

I wonder how many people start their day with twitter on your apple / android / blackberry machines? Do you? (Pls leave a comment; You might probably be the first one :) )

I am thinking of getting back to the old habits of reading the newspaper with a cup of coffee.. And not opening twitter till much later in office.. What say? And which newspaper to go for in Delhi? HT?


  1. Same here... day begins with twitter being opened and getting the latest RIP

  2. Yay.. Thanks Nishant! For the first comment on my blog.. **Drumrolls**