Monday, June 11, 2012

Spain - Loss would have been better!

Few thoughts on Spain post the Italy game.

1. Tiki Taka: Spain and Barcelona are considered the template for everything that is good about football. But where are the goals? 1000 passes and 85% possession without creating a decent chance is more boring to watch than a team parking the bus. To quote Jose Mourinho post game "I don't like it when a team keeps possession just for the sake of it. They should play to score."

2Constant complaining: Another Barcelona trait I hate. VDB, Xavi and Fabregas all came out blaming the pitch and the fact that it was not watered prior to the game. Pathetic.

3. The result: With Torres flopping, VDB can go back and say Fabregas as false 9 worked. Look at it this way, Spain had 1 chance in 75 minutes that Fabregas played and 2 in 15 minutes that Torres played. Spain were infinitely more good to watch with Jesus Navas on the wings and Torres up front. That Torres failed to convert is a different story. Time for Negredo to get his chance. Or Llorente. Or even Pedro. We need a striker please. Don't kill us with anti football. For this reason alone, a loss I think would have been a better wake up call.

4. What Next for Spain? They will defeat Croatia and Ireland and qualify from the group stages, but the lack of quality up front will be exposed if they play France in the quarter finals. 

5. I was hoping that VDB gets back to coaching Madrid after 2-3 years of Jose Mourinho. Now I am not so sure.

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