Tuesday, March 26, 2013

SRT - what next?

Turns 40 in less than a month. No Test century in over two years. Even His divine status as 'GOD' has been stolen. Yet despite what Ram Guha feels, retirement is Sachin's decision and his decision alone.

This blog is about what our selectors must do. Yes, free advise to those lucky blokes who get paid close to a crore/year to sit down a few times and select the Indian team.

Here it is: Let Sachin know that He is not in their future plans but they do not have the (for lack of a better word) 'balls' to sack Him. At the same time, they would like Him to continue as a mentor to the team. And if He does not retire select a team of 16+1 to South Africa with Sachin Tendulkar as player cum batting coach & mentor. Thereby passing the buck to the supreme power of Indian cricket - Sir Jadeja Dhoni. Well, make it 16+2, Add Zaheer as well as player cum bowling coach & mentor for good measure.

I am actually quite serious about the suggestion. Here are four reasons why:

A. I don't want SRT to follow his predecessors into the commentary box. While Saurav has done well, VVS and Rahul Dravid both seem out of their comfort one. I would rather see these two heros write articles, books and give talks at MCC, etc - Just my personal opinion. Same with Sachin.

B. India would do well to retain the services of Sachin Tedulkar post retirement. Especially His presence in the dressing room.

C. Sachin and Zaheer will be less disruptive figures and will greatly help to ease the youngsters in. Especially when compared to say Sunny G or Kapil D. Moreover they already have an existing relation & command respect from most 'seniors' unlike say Venky Prasad who was the bowling coach earlier.

D. Both will enjoy the position which has no clear responsibility. Well that's the kind of thing we Indians love isn't it. If it goes right, everyone praises the duo and if it goes wrong sack Duncan Fletcher.

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