Tuesday, December 6, 2011

El Clasico Preview - The tide is turning

The last couple of weeks have shattered a few widely held beliefs
1. Dev saheb is immortal.
2. Sergio busquets will never be caught for diving.

If you haven't followed laliga closely you might have missed this incredible moment altogether. Here is the proof:

This is no Photoshop work. The unthinkable did happen.

Here's a brilliant cartoon which had me in roflolololing: http://www.studs-up.com/2011/11/the-princess-and-the-defensive-mid/ 

Barcelona for the last 7-8 years have been the most powerful force in world football. Three champions league crowns, multiple league titles and many more humiliating victories over Real Madrid.  

The reason why I refered to the Busquets incident is that there is a sense of feeling that things are about to change.

(1) Not long ago, everyone held this Barcelona team in awe. Opposition fans applauded during humiliating defeats; Press raved about the football Barcelona played and many teams/coaches had lost the match in their minds even before the play started. But after the clasico, the auro of this team seems to have lessened, probably due their non-football skills on display in the 4 clasicos. So far this season, teams have played Barcelona much better.

(2) Injuries. Last year was the perfect year for Barcelona. Like Newcastle's campain so far this year in the EPL, the same 11-12 players played for Barcelona throughout the last campaign. I know they have strengthened with Alexis and Fabregas, but there are still many players in this Barca side without cover - specially in the defense.

(3) This is Real Madrid's second season under Jose Mourinho

And finally, probably most importantly, the results have also changed. Real Madrid are three points ahead of Barcelona and with a game in hand going into the Clasico.

Hoping that on Sunday morning I will be celebrating a 6 point lead with a game in hand.

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