Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011!

Wow, another year down! A look back on the best of some lighter moments: 

Best sporting moment: That MS Dhoni Six

Well ofcourse, it has to be India winning the WC, but the two personnel bests were (a) watching the semi finals live at Mohali and (b) watching the first ever Indian Grandprix at the Buddh International circuit.

Best of Travel: 

Added two new travel locations: 
  • North East - Assam and Tawang were breathtakingly beautiful !
  • Valley of Flowers - Recommend this fantastic trek
And an old one - Goa!

Will continue to explore this magnificently country with Kashmir firmly on top of the agenda this year.

Best gadget purchased:
But the coolest gadget I bought was a native union retro pop handset. Check it out here: 
Apple gadget for the year was a ipod nano 

Best Movie going experience: Kung Fu Panda 2 
I am sucker for comedy movies and none came better than this one. Ah, my old enemy - Stairs .. Still funny!

A year of reckoning 
I believe that India has to get worse in order to become better. This year certainly got worse in India - corruption, inflation and complete failure of governance / reforms. But look at the positives - Raja, Kalmadi are in Jail; Anna Hazare and the Civil society are playing a much more active role. Youngster are voicing their views thanks to the social networks and I am sure in the years to come, we will play a more important role in laying a better foundation for the country. 

Few Firsts 
- Started this blog (though updating it has been a pain)
- Donated blood
- Watched almost an entire Parliamentary session live

While the year spent was personally satisfactory (Damn you Real Madrid!), have a lot more to look forward to the next year. And like the lyrics of this latest song:

Umeed waali dhoop, sunshine waali aasha ... Happy new year everyone!! ... nana nanana Khush rehney ka hai waada!!

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