Thursday, October 27, 2011

The day after Diwali

Today marks the beginning of Samvat 2068. Wishing a very happy new year to all !!

Just noting a few observations made yesterday:
  1. Seemed like there were less crackers burnt this Diwali
  2. The best part of watching Ra.One was the trailer to Don 2 (Or is it Don.Two?) . Insane marketing alone does not make good content. If Farhan Akthar direction also delivers a dud, then brand SRK is in deep trouble if not dead.
  3. Diwali (or for that matter any festival) away from home sucks. Big-time.
Just want to dwell a bit more on the first observation. Most of the crackers burnt in my colony were after 9pm and by adults who were generally 25+ .. The only time I saw kids, were when they were playing cricket in the morning.

Two possible theories -
a) Inflation - Not enough money for left to spend on the crackers & also the cracker prices.. The amount you have to shell out to buy the good ones is insane.
b) Education - I wonder how much impact this is having. Kids today seem to be generally more aware about social issues.

It's only when I saw the celebrations late in the night, I thought it might be the latter. Wouldn't it be great if it is! Of course this is a sample size of 1. The hypothesis itself could be wrong. Would love to know if anyone else felt the same or this is just my wishful thinking.

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