Friday, October 28, 2011

What to expect from the F1 weekend

While India gears up for it's first Formula 1 weekend, here are five things one can expect this weekend:

1. When the grand stand erupts at the chequered flag, the cheer and the noise will not be for Vettel the winner of the grand prix, but for Sachin Tendulkar waving the flag

     1.1 The winner dedicating the victory to Sachin and carrying him around the race track

2. Half the crowd having turned up after seeing the SRK ad, just like they do for his movies

     2.1 The knowledgeable ones wondering how come Schumacher is not wearing red of Ferrari

     2.2 The really knowledgeable ones explaining to them that the real Michael Schumacher has retired and this is someone else, possibly his brother.

3. Narain Karthikeyan using his local knowledge & adopting a 17 pit stop strategy, thereby avoiding a punctured tyre and winning the race.

4. Worldwide audience of F1 realising that India is more than slums and poverty, but left with one nagging question -- Who or What is Ra.One?

     4.1 Also, rest of the world being introduced to the technological marvel that is the MRF blimp and the race being red flagged for a 5-minute strategic break

5. Arnab Goswami's monologue with Vettel



Update after watching FP1 -

#3. will lead to epic failure as the track and the conditions are simply brilliant.

But what did happen was that FP1 was red flagged for 5 minutes. Reason --- Unidentified dog on the circuit! haha.. But that incident aside, Friday practice was just brilliant. Promises to be a brilliant first #IndianGP.

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