Friday, October 21, 2011

Dewarists - The Brand behind it.

19:20 on a Friday - Bliss. Just one call to attend for the weekend. Usually sporting events dominate my things to look forward to for the weekend. True this weekend also with the Rugby World Cup. But also there is one other program I don't want to miss -

Dewarists, On Star World @ 8PM.

If you haven't watched episode 1, you must do so here..

The idea of music documentary is something really fascinating (At least in India) .. But what's even better was the execution. And the music at the end of it all was superb.

But this post is not about 'Dewarists' the show.. But 'Dewars' the brand. A scotch brand.

Heard that they have underwritten almost the entire production costs of the show. And even after having spent quite a lot, they have just lent the brand name to show. No unnecessary product placement, screen popups, etc. I wonder how many people know that Dewars is an alcohol brand from Bacardi, and even after watching the first episode know about this.

I really think the marketing guys @ Bacadi have struck gold. Compare this to Bhajji's "Make it Large" or Dhoni's "Spirit of Leadership". Think this is one of the best marketing concepts this year in India.

Secondly, would they have been inspired to create such a campaign if alcohol advertising was allowed in India. Would there have been more product placement, etc?

Anyways, waiting to see how they follow through on the fantastic beginning. And also if the show will go on to become a successful franchise (I think so).

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